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Our team of highly qualified and experienced specialists at Southeastern Hematology Oncology focuses on providing cutting edge, research driven therapy for wide range of cancers and blood disorders.

Treatments We Offer

Advanced Diagnostics

Do you suspect you might have cancer or a blood disease? Our hematologist oncologist in Jackson, TN, has access to a wide range of cutting edge diagnostic services including radiographic imaging, pathology review, genetic testing, and molecular/DNA testing.


Chemotherapy targets rapidly growing cells and ideally decreases tumor burden while inducing cancer remission. Our team of highly qualified cancer experts utilizes oral and/or intravenous (IV) chemotherapy when indicated.


Immunotherapy utilizes the patient’s own immune system to combat cancer and induce remission. When indicated, our clinic implements this therapy to further achieve treatment goals. Examples of immunotherapy include anti PDL-1 therapy and monoclonal antibody therapy.

Molecular Targeted Therapy

Using cutting edge tumor cell testing can identify targetable driver mutations. If found, our providers can order specific treatments that target these mutations directly and ideally provide a deeper and long lasting tumor response.

Blood Treatments and Transfusions

Our Providers are experts at identifying blood disorders and providing tailored appropriate treatment including blood transfusions, iron infusions, and targeted therapy when indicated.

Supportive Services

We understand the upheaval and detrimental impact on life that a diagnosis of cancer can bring. Our clinic has access to refer for mental health assessments, social services, end of life care and physical therapy when indicated.

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Our clinic understands that the unexpected happens in life. Accordingly, we offer the ability to schedule prompt and efficient video conferencing appointments for initial consultations and follow ups.

How a Second Opinion Benefits You

We understand that being diagnosed with cancer is a life altering event for you and your family. This inevitably leads to major questions and anxiety. Sometimes, achieving a peace of mind that all options have been explored is as important as the treatment itself. Our providers will diligently and thoroughly review the diagnosis, current therapy plan and future treatment options with you and your loved ones.

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Our Commitment
to You

We firmly believe that cancer care should be individualized as each cancer patient’s journey is unique. We utilize a comprehensive approach to therapy that includes the diagnosis, stage, subtype, molecular studies, and the individual’s goals of therapy to formulate a tailored treatment plan. Our team of oncologists in Jackson, TN focuses on compassionate care that places the patient at the center of the treatment plan.

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