Patient Support

Medical professionals talking to client about Iron Infusion for Anemia

  1. What is my stage of cancer?
  2. What is my prognosis and expected survival rate?
  3. Is my cancer curable?
  4. Is there a genetic component to my cancer?
  5. What molecular studies are available to test for my cancer that can guide treatment options?
  6. What is the plan if this treatment stops working?
  7. How will you monitor the response to the treatment?
  8. What side effects are common with treatment and how will we manage this?
  9. What will happen if I develop pain?
  10. What role does nutrition play in my cancer?
  11. Are there any supplements that can help cancer symptoms?
  12. Can I exercise or do strenuous activity?
  13. Can I be around other people while on treatment?
  14. Can I go into crowds?
  15. How can my family help support me?

Iron Infusion for Anemia Jackson providing care and support for their patient

  1. Compassionate and individualized care.
  2. Prompt and efficient testing and diagnosis.
  3. Comprehensive and detailed treatment plan that is presented and explained to you.
  4. Timely clinic follow up appointments and appropriate monitoring during treatment.
  5. On call availability 24/7 for issues that may arise during treatment.

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